I dreamed about snowboarding again!

So lately I have been really been thinking about snowboarding again, it has been a while. I grew up wanting to learn how to snowboard but never got around to it. There were somethings that happened in my life that made it a little tough like the military. I been thinking about it more and more and I just want to get on the slope.

snowboarding gear

However, the old fire is starting to get relit and a you can see things can get pretty exciting. That is a Liquid board in the picture there pretty sweet design huh? LOL! Yep the thrill of being able to snowboard again has really made me want to try some crazy stuff! If you missed that you can check it out by clicking here.

The evergreen trees are so pretty in the winter? Yeah so I be doing some update every now again about my journey so make sure to check back often. Snowboarding may be one the best things that ever happened to me, and I hope that it keeps doing so. I just love to feel alive!

Snowboarding riding with cool goggles

For the next places I will go I am thinking about Utah or Dubai. Utah is known to have good slopes so I might decide to pay that state a visit. I think when I get some extra money I will buy a snowboard made by the Burton brand.

I might just consider getting a cooler looking snowboard from the Liquid brand but I am going to wait. I need to get the extra cash first. If I am looking I can work at a ski resort or something when it is in season.

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